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Why You Need To Keep A Sex Doll Clean

Your Very Own Sex Doll

It’s a real solution to a real problem for many guys. They’ve looked and looked for just the right girl, yet they have never been lucky enough to find her. Fun and casual sex are find for many, but there’s no real connection possible when you rely on one night stands and Tinder hookups. That type of sex life also can cause emotional problems of a different sort – not for the guy, but because of girls who might read too much into “relationships” that are really, in the man’s eyes, just casual sex or friends with benefits.

Sex dolls provide most of the same immediate sexual satisfaction, without any of the emotional or logistical problems. When you have your own love doll, you don’t have to worry about finding someone to satisfy the urge – or disabuse them of the notion that the brief hookup had a real, unsaid meaning.

In fact, some guys find themselves becoming strangely attached to their sex doll – and the personality they attribute to it. There’s no need to pass judgment; if it works for them, that’s up to them. The majority of doll owners, though, use the toys for their designed purpose: getting their rocks off with a fuck doll that looks and feels realistic, and gets their blood flowing and their dick hard.

Taking Care of Our Dolls

Of course, all of our possessions require proper care, and it only makes sense that if we lay out the money for something, we should want to take care of it. A high-quality sex doll doesn’t just cost money. It costs a LOT of money. And if people form a psychological attachment to their love doll, the need to care for it properly becomes even greater.

There are other important considerations as well. Bodily fluids that collect inside a sex doll can cause health problems (for the human, not the doll) over time, and they need to be cleaned out after use in order to prevent the accumulation of bacteria, mold or even disease. The use of condoms with a sex doll is highly recommended for that reason, but either way, cleaning the sex doll with antibacterial soap and water, wiping it down with non-abrasive cloths (to protect the silicone or other material the doll is made from), and dusting it with talcum powder are the best way to make sure the doll doesn’t degrade – and you don’t catch anything from using it again later on.

The orifices, if you’re curious, can be cleaned the same general way, but by using sponges or swabs.